The ramp from North Hills Road onto I-83 north will close for construction for up to a week starting Aug. 11, said Mike Crochunis, spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

During this time, crews will widen the entrance to the ramp.

This work is part of a larger $2.5 million project to widen North Hills Road, Crochunis said.

Drivers looking to use that ramp will be directed north to Route 30, where they can turn left and then take a ramp from Route 30 east onto I-83 north.

The next part of the project will involve the ramp coming off of I-83 north that ends in an intersection with Market Street; North Hills Road begins across the intersection from the end of the ramp, Crochunis said. That ramp will close for a weekend later in August or in September.

Workers will widen the end of that ramp. Now, a left-turn lane, a right-turn lane and a lane that goes straight onto North Hills Road comprise the bottom of the ramp. The widening will add another lane going straight, Crochunis said.

Further work will do much the same to North Hills Road at the ramp closing Aug. 11. Right now, the northbound portion of the road consists of a left-turn lane onto the ramp and a lane going straight toward Route 30. This project will add another lane of traffic going straight, Crochunis said.

Other ramps might be closed temporarily over the course of the project, which will wrap up in September 2015, he said.

J.D. Eckman of Atglen, Pa.


, was awarded the contract from PennDOT.

North Hills Road handles 24,000 cars per day, Crochunis said.

He said the complexity of the ramps around the Market Street exits and the changing traffic patterns could be complicated.

"But the confusion will lessen once everyone's done it a couple of times," he said.