The Pleasant Acres Nursing & Rehabilitation Center reopened for visitation Wednesday after bed bugs discovered in a second resident's room last week prompted a temporary quarantine.

A small section of the nursing home was vacated and treated after a nurse found bed bugs in a patient's room on July 20. When bed bugs were discovered in a second room on July 29, the home halted visitation pending pest-control treatments and an assessment to determine whether a full evacuation was necessary.

The county-run home is reopening after no additional bed bugs were found, spokesperson Carl Lindquist said. He said no residents were found with symptoms of bed bug bites, but acknowledged that does not necessarily mean none came in contact with them.

The center's staff took multiple steps to prevent the bugs from spreading: cleaning resident clothing and linens, heat-treating wheelchairs and bringing in a pest-control company. The bugs are believed to have entered the building through clothing brought in for a resident, Lindquist said.

Lindquist said the county sympathizes with those unable to visit residents for the past week, but said that their main priority is dealing with the situation expediently.

He said the center inspects residents before entering and on a daily basis to spot lice, scabies and similar pests.

But he added that there is no way to completely eliminate the threat of pests like bed bugs when people are constantly coming in and out of the building.


He said the five-floor nursing home has about 600 staff who enter and leave the building every day, not counting vendors or visitors.

"Obviously we regret the challenge that this situation placed on both our residents and their families and we know that people want to be able to visit each other, but ultimately our focus in this kind of situation is to address the sitaution as quickly as we can," Lindquist said. "It's just a difficult circumstance and unfortunately a fact of life when you're dealing with a facility of this."

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