August still offers a few weeks for beach trips, outdoor adventures and enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school begins. But for the drivers wondering when the yellow school buses will be out in full force again, here's a back to school schedule for York-area schools:

Central York: Wednesday, Aug. 27

Christian School of York: Monday, Aug. 25

Dallastown Area: Wednesday, Aug. 20 (9th grade only); Thursday, Aug. 21 (all students)

Dover Area: Wednesday, Aug. 20

Eastern York: Wednesday, Aug. 20

Hanover Public: Wednesday, Aug. 20 (9th grade only); Thursday, Aug. 21 (all students)

Helen Thackston Charter School: Monday, Aug. 18 (half day for students; first full day Aug. 20)

Keystone Christian Academy: Wednesday, Aug. 27

Lincoln Charter School: Wednesday, Aug. 20

Logos Academy: Tuesday, Aug. 26

Northeastern: Tuesday, Aug. 19

Northern York County: Tuesday, Sept. 2

Red Lion Area: Tuesday, Aug. 19 (grades 1-12); Thursday, Aug. 21 (kindergarten)

South Eastern: Thursday, Aug. 21

South Western: Monday, Aug. 25 (grades K-9); Tuesday, Aug. 26 (grades 10-12)

Southern York County: Thursday, Aug. 21 (grades K-9); Friday, Aug. 22 (grades 10-12)

Spring Grove: Wednesday, Aug. 20

St. Joseph School: Monday, Aug. 25

St. Patrick Catholic School: Wednesday, Aug. 20


West Shore: Monday, Aug. 25

West York: Wednesday, Aug. 20

York Area Regional Charter School: Monday, Aug. 18

York Catholic: Monday, Aug. 25 (grades 7-8); Tuesday, Aug. 26 (grades 9-12)

York City: Wednesday, Aug. 20 (grades 1-12); Thursday, Aug. 21 (kindergarten)

York Country Day: Monday, Aug. 25

York County School of Technology: Monday, Aug. 25 (new students); Tuesday, Aug. 26 (all students)

York Suburban: Wednesday, Aug. 20 (K-6, 9, all new students); Thursday, Aug. 21 (all students)