A retired York Township doctor has agreed to surrender his medical license after a state medical board ruled he failed to properly maintain medical records after the records were found in a public trash container.

According to an consent agreement released by the Pennsylvania Department of State on Thursday, Dr. R. Dale McCormick failed to retain some of the medical records for the required seven years before disposing of them.

It also says the doctor failed to "maintain the confidentiality of the medical records" by throwing them into public trash container at the York County Solid Waste Authority's incinerator in Manchester Township.

In lieu of additional disciplinary sanctions, McCormick will voluntarily surrender his medical license, the agreement says.

15 days: The Board of Osteopathic Medicine approved the order Wednesday and McCormick has 15 days from that date to hand over his license, said Ron Ruman, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of State.

"It's settled," McCormick said when reached by phone Thursday evening before telling a reporter to not call him again.

McCormick previously said he, along with another man, dumped the medical records in the trash container after he retired and closed his practice, York Academy of Surgery, 3251 Eastern Blvd., in Springettsbury Township in November.

The pair tossed about 5,000 records into the trash container between April 16 and May 14, according to the order.


Records found: Some of those records were later found near the container and were eventually turned over to the Board of Medicine.

Of those records found, seven had entries that were made within the last seven years.

According to state Osteopathic Medical Practice Act regulations, medical records must be kept for seven years after the last entry was made.

McCormick said he contacted all his patients, offering them their records, when he closed his practice. However, only 39 patients retrieved their records.

McCormick, an obstetrician, has had a clean record throughout his career, Ruman, had said.

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