The end to a lawsuit filed by five former North York employees against the borough could be a year away.

In a prepared statement read by Vivian Amspacher during a council meeting Tuesday night, attorneys representing the borough said they continue "to believe the claims raised by the (former employees) have no merit."

Walter Tilley and Mark Evans, the attorneys representing the borough, said in the statement they are in the process of responding to each claim made of the former employees, which will include the borough's defense and counterclaims.

Amspacher said the statement was prepared to keep residents up to date on the lawsuit.

The former employees are suing for unpaid severance packages for a combined $953,092.

Consolidated: The York County Court of Common Pleas recently consolidated the five lawsuits to one case to allow for efficiency in the courts system at the request of Ben Pratt, the attorney representing the former employees, court documents state.

The lawsuits claim the former employees each signed an employee agreement with the borough that states each is to receive a severance package of three years' pay and benefits.

Suing the borough are former firefighter and public works employee Richard Rabuck Jr., former manager Kevin Hevner, former clerk Millissa Wilt, former manager and clerk Stewart Graybill and former secretary/treasurer Norma Hess.

All new borough employees have to sign an agreement withdrawing themselves from the employee agreement.


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