New Hope Ministries got a fundraising boost for its project at the former Evening Sun building in Hanover.

The organization held a fundraiser Wednesday night at the building at 135 Baltimore St., during which New Hope staff spoke with potential donors, unveiled plans for the building and announced a grant in had received that morning, said Molly Helmstetter, director of development at New Hope.

The organization hopes to raise $1.2 million to cover the purchase and renovations of the building, which will house the Hanover food bank and other community services.

New Hope officials want the building to serve the area as a "one-stop shop" for community needs, Helmstetter said.

New Hope announced at the event that the York County Community Foundation had decided to provide a $30,000 grant, bringing the total to about $1,106,000.

"That was kind of an unexpected — but very timely and welcome — announcement," Helmstetter said.

The total doesn't include money the 100-or-so people in attendance Wednesday night might contribute.

"The conversations last night led me to believe we'll be meeting the $1.2 million goal soon," Helmstetter said.

New Hope Ministries finalized its purchase of the building June 19.

It will house the Hanover Food Bank, which will benefit from the central location in downtown Hanover, better parking and more storage space, she said.


With the increased storage capacity, New Hope officials would like this building to serve as a regional hub of sorts for local food banks, she said.

New Hope plans to partner with other organizations and allow those organizations to set up offices in the building.

Officials aren't ready to announce which organizations it might partner with, but she gave GED classes and food stamp and WIC applications as examples of other services might be available in the building to people.

"We want to be the organization which meets people in their time of need, but also helps move people toward stability in their lives," Helmstetter said.

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