Update:York's Memorial Hospital in Spring Garden Township is one of 200 hospitals targeted in a cyber attack that lifted limited patient information, including names, birthdates and social security numbers, according to a statement by the hospital Monday.

The cyber breach affects data from some patients over the past five years who were seen at physician practices and clinics affiliated with Memorial Hospital, said Jason McSherry, spokesman for the hospital.

The hospital's records were not part of the breach, McSherry said, but all medical offices and clinics are affected, which include Memorial Family Medicine offices at Greenbriar, Greensprings, Manchester, Mill Creek, Shrewsbury, Stewartstown, Susquehanna Trail and Windsor Commons.

Patient health data was not part of the breach, McSherry said, but contact information and other personal data were collected.

"It was not any type of health or medical or credit card information," McSherry said.

On top of names, birthdates and social security data, other information such as addresses and telephone numbers were collected, according to a release from McSherry's office.

All patients affected by the breach will be notified via letter in the next few days, McSherry said. That letter will include information about free identify theft protection, as well as a hotline for any specific questions. McSherry said he did not have the hotline number available as of Monday evening.

The breach was detected by Community Health Systems Inc.


, the company based in Franklin, Tenn., that operates more than 200 hospitals in 29 states, including Memorial. The breach might have happened in April and June and took information from more than 4 million patients.

"Our organization believes the intruder was a foreign-based group out of China that was likely looking for intellectual property," said the release from McSherry.

The cyber attacker used "highly sophisticated methods" in the form of malware to breach the system, according to the release, which has since been removed from Community Health Systems' technology.

The company called on the federal government to create a national cyber defense against such attacks for future protection, according to the release.

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Previously reported:Community Health Systems Inc. said Monday that its computer network was a target of an external criminal cyberattack in April and June that affected nonmedical patient identification data related to some 4.5 million individuals, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company operates more than 200 hospitals around the country, including Memorial Hospital in Spring Garden Township.