The Central York Panthers "break-it-out" during practice on the first official day of football practice, on Monday. The new season brings a new,
The Central York Panthers "break-it-out" during practice on the first official day of football practice, on Monday. The new season brings a new, high-tech video scoreboard to the Central Stadium. (John A. Pavoncello

Red Lion Area School District's new video scoreboard — one of only two in the county — has sold all of its advertising space before the start of the fall sports season.

At Central York, some spots are still open.

Each of the ads is approved by the districts' school boards, and Central York's board voted to approve a sixth advertisement at its meeting Monday.

The video scoreboards offer another source of potential income for the schools, as static ad displays on the board itself and video ads during games and other stadium events allow for two new revenue streams.

Advertising spots: At Central York, six advertisers have already signed on for a potential 22 advertising spots on the board, said Dave Trimbur, executive director for the Panther Foundation, the district-affiliated nonprofit that paid to install the scoreboard.

Sponsors such as Jack Giambalvo Motor Co., Zunic Advisory Services and McNamara Financial have signed contracts with the foundation to pay between $1,500 and $5,000 per year for the next five years for advertising placement on the boards, according to school board records. Some agreements also include video promotion spots and other advertising locations, such as in the school's natatorium.


Trimbur said he believes more sponsors will want to sign on after they see it in action during a home football game, when it's easier to explain how the static and video promotions will work and appear.

Red Lion: At Red Lion, the scoreboard's 14 static spots are spoken for, though some are still pending board approval, said Don Dimoff, the district's marketing and communications manager.

The contracts vary between two- and five-year agreements, Dimoff said, and also offer video spots, estimating advertisers will have 45-60 video promotion slots this year on top of the sign on the scoreboard. So far, companies including H.N. Fishel & Associates Inc., Sylvan Learning Center and Anytime Fitness have signed on with the district, Dimoff said.

"Its a pretty good value," Dimoff said.

Dimoff declined to say how much the contracts were for, but recent board approvals for corporate sponsorships at the school included some contracts between $1,000 and $5,000 per year.

New funding: The previous scoreboard at Red Lion was damaged during a storm in the 2013 fall sports season. Dimoff said one of the major reasons the school went ahead with the purchase was because of the potential for another source of income.

The district will use the advertising dollars to pay off the $201,000 price of the new board first, Dimoff said. After that, the revenue will go straight into the district's general fund for other school expenses, he said.

The advertising dollars at Central will go to the foundation to pay off the board there, which Trimbur estimated will "probably" be around the same price as Red Lion's, though he didn't have final costs.

After the scoreboard is paid off, the district and the foundation will split the proceeds. But Trimbur said the foundation money will end up going to Central anyway, since Central's foundation exists to help fund special projects in the district. Last year, that included purchasing SMART boards for classrooms and funding reading and fitness programs at various schools, Trimbur said.

At Red Lion, high school students will be involved in creating many of the digital graphics for the board, including slides for when a team scores a touchdown or other items, Dimoff said. Students will also be involved in creating the video commercials for advertisers once the school year begins, he said.