A local restaurant that has served York County customers for more than 100 years is up for sale.

Reliance Cafe, at 1413 W. Market St. in West York, is listed on several real estate websites for $799,900, said owner Kostas "KJ" Sgagias.

The sale of the 9,409-square-foot property would include the real estate, warehouse, business, equipment, liquor license and four apartments.

Reliance Cafe has been in the Sgagias family for 43 years, and the owner said it's a "steady business."

But he went to college for business and finance management, and that's what he'd like to pursue.

"There's nothing wrong with the restaurant. I'm just ready to get out of the restaurant business and get out of York," Sgagias said.

The decision to sell the business didn't happen overnight; it's been four years in the making, he said.

Sgagias has renovated the restaurant and its menu, and is looking for the right buyer.

"A dedicated buyer, who is passionate about the restaurant business, will do great here," he said.

The family previously owned and sold another restaurant in York County — Westside Steak House at 1401 Kenneth Road in West Manchester Township. It was sold about 10 years ago, and the site is now home to Ruby Tuesday.

There are no signs up at Reliance Cafe, and Sgagias has only listed the property online.

"I'd like to move on, but it's not a big rush. I'm not starving here," he said.


The business attracted some interest, but the sales ultimately fell through, Sgagias said.

Reliance Cafe has had several owners since it opened shortly after 1900. Back then it was known as Fishel's Restaurant & Cigar Store, and it was attached to the West York Fire Department.

In 1937, it became Reliance Cafe and was owned by the Klinedist family until 1960.

From 1960 to 1967, it was owned by Bill Hershey, and from 1967 to 1971 it was owned by Herman Klingemaier and Bud Markle.

The Sgagias family bought the restaurant and property in 1971.

The next buyer would be wise to keep it a restaurant, Sgagias said.

"Maybe a different type or style, but still a restaurant," he said. "Either way, we're not going to stop what we do here until there's a firm sale and signed contract in place."

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