In addition to the York Labor Day Festival, Monday, Sept. 1, will also feature the 33rd annual Jacobus Labor Day Street Fair & Car Show, an event organizers say brings thousands of people to the borough's Main Street for Bricker's Fries, antique vendors and unique cars from the area.

Chairwoman Patty Shaeffer said people come from as far as Maryland to enjoy the 100-150 vendors and unique entertainment, such as cow patty bingo — a game where adults bet on where a cow will poop on a patch of lawn painted like a bingo card.

The partnering car show also draws a large audience, said Rick Snider, the show's chairman. Snider said the show often features specialty vehicles, such as drag cars or monster trucks. This year, he is expecting to have someone bring his Tesla, a luxury car that runs on electricity.

He said there is no pre-registration for the event, and the size varies significantly depending on the weather.

"We just wing it and hope for the best," Snider said. "Historically we've had good weather but it's always a shot in the dark, and it's rain or shine."

Those interested in entering the York Labor Day Parade can contact Alan Vandersloot at 717-771-3806.