With less than a month before the first day of autumn, temperatures this week will continue to be summer-like.

The average high this time of year is 86 and the coming week will see temperatures around that point, according to AccuWeather.

Monday and Tuesday will see highs of 81 and 84, respectively, while the temperature on Wednesday will spike at 89, slightly above the average high.

The remainder of the week will see temperatures of 81 on Thursday and 84 on Friday, according to AccuWeather.

But when it comes to night-time lows, temperatures will, for the most part, be below the average of about 61.

Monday's low will be 51 before temperatures rise to 57 on Tuesday and 61 on Wednesday. The low will dip to 53 on Thursday, AccuWeather says.

Each day this week will be partly sunny to mostly sunny. There is, however, a chance for a thunderstorm on Thursday, AccuWeather says.