Editor's note: This article originally was published Aug. 27, 2014.

The Central PA Music Fest has been rescheduled for Saturday, Oct. 25, but it won't be a three-day festival.

"We're probably not going to label it as the Central PA Music Fest because it's going to be a one-day event," said Kelly Farner, operations manager of the festival.

Initially planned for last weekend, the festival was postponed because of rain in the forecast and the potential damper on ticket sales.

It will still be held at Lauxmont Farms in Lower Windsor Township, Farner said, adding that booking one day of shows will be easier and less costly. The event doesn't have sponsors; promoter Nick Song is funding it himself, she said.

But organizers don't want to cancel the event altogether because they believe in local music and their vision of creating a music and arts school through the event's proceeds, Farner said.

"We want to do something in central PA because the entertainment itself, the local bands, do not get the play time they should get or deserve," she said.

Bands: The original event booked about 110 bands, but Farner said she's not sure which bands will perform on the new date.

Bands who play and have contracts from the original event will have their contracted pay amounts honored, she said.

"If they have a contract with us, they'd still get that," Farner said.


New bands could receive less than the $500 organizers arranged to pay most bands that were supposed to play last weekend, she said.

Tickets: Ticket pricing might decrease from the original $49 or stay the same, depending on whether the event books a national act, Farner said.

"We're going to try and make it affordable for everyone, basically," she said.

The original event sold a couple hundred tickets, Farner said. Organizers are offering refunds through email.

This time, organizers are going to have a contingency plan for inclement weather: a backup indoor venue, she said.

Awards: Ten winners of the festival's "big break" contest — including the winner of the $10,000 first-place prize — still haven't received their money. They were initially slated to receive their awards on Sunday.

Farner said the winners will get their money at an awards ceremony, scheduled for 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 21, at Lauxmont Farms. Winners are allowed to bring up to two guests to the catered event.

Each winner will receive his or her prize at the event, and those who can't attend will need to make arrangements after that date to receive their prizes, she said.

Show canceled: With the original event postponed, organizers booked 14 bands to play instead at the Race Horse Tavern in Thomasville.

But the "sound guy backed out at the last minute" because of the large number of bands, so organizers ultimately canceled the Saturday and Sunday shows, Farner said.

After news of the cancellation spread to bands, several offered up their sound systems for the event. But the Race Horse's management had already advised organizers to fold for the weekend, she said.

"It was already canceled at that point," Farner said.

Governing Murphy, a rock band from Bethlehem, Pa., played on Friday night. The band said it received a check dated for Thursday and won't know until then if "all is good."

"But honestly, they seem to be good people are really trying to make up for all the chaos," the band wrote in a Facebook message.

Apology: Hershey-based band JR WOLF was slated to play on Saturday night at the Race Horse.

After the cancellation, singer and guitarist Jason Wolfe Greene said in an email that he's not planning on playing at the Oct. 25 event.

"But not because I am backing out of it. It's just that after this last weekend, I don't think (Song) or (Farner) are going to have any kind of support from the local music community; not from the fans and certainly not from the bands," he said.

Farner offered a public apology from Song and herself to the bands affected by the sudden changes to the festival.

"It was a business decision. It was something that had to be done. I forgive them for the negativity — it's hurtful, but I forgive them — and Nick forgives them, but we have to move on."

Ticket refunds available: Those who bought tickets to the original Central PA Music Fest can receive refunds through email. Ticketholders who want refunds should email info@centralpamusicfest.com with the subject line, "Requesting Refund of Ticket/Tickets Purchased for CPAMF."

The email should include the following: Full name, complete address, phone number, how many tickets purchased and the cost of the tickets.

Organizers will confirm that payment was made and then provide the refund.

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