York countians won't have to worry about paying a fee to take their snowmobiles and dirt bikes on York County game lands, but they might if they plan on going to Adams or Lancaster counties.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission likely will vote next month on a plan that would require anyone who wants to ride a snowmobile, horse, or bike on designated game land trails to pay a $30 fee.

This idea is that those actions cause wear and tear to the trails, which then have to be repaired; hikers would continue to use the trails for free, said Travis Lau, spokesman for the Game Commission.

Though York County does have state game lands, those tracts of land don't have designated trails in them. Therefore, no one needs to pay a fee to use the lands, besides hunters, who already do so, Lau said.

Elsewhere: Neighboring counties do have designated trails.

For instance, in northern Adams County — around Tyrone, Huntington and Latimore townships — are three tracts of state land that contain three trails.

And Lancaster County has several game lands that contain trails. One, known as Game Land 52, runs from Brecknock Township into Berks County. Another runs just north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Penn and Elizabeth townships in Game Land 156.

Lau said it's uncertain whether this rule will affect the Horseshoe Trail that runs from Clay Township in Lancaster County and into Lebanon County and the trails that intersect with it. Those trails are managed differently, he said.


Lau suggested that anyone looking for lists of designated trails around the state go to the Game Commission site, and select the region in question under the "About Us" menu item.

"As far as I know, all those lists are comprehensive," Lau said.

The Game Commission expects to vote on the plan at their Sept. 22-23 meeting in Delmont Borough in Mestmoreland County, the Associated Press reports.

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