Sisters Eizabella, 11, and Mary Hoskin, 17, didn't mind a little rain while twirling their batons with Kay's Reflections at the annual Labor Day Parade in York City.

With highs in the upper 80s, the sticky day saw two bouts of rain during the parade.

"It felt so good, though," Eizabella said.

Their mother, Beth Hoskin, said it was just too hot to travel the 2-mile parade route with them.

"Mommy waits at the end," the 52-year-old said.

But Monday's heat was atypical of this summer, which has been cooler than usual — especially in August, forecasters said.

Cool summer: Using climate data from York Airport in Thomasville, the average temperature for August was 5.2 degrees below normal, "which is pretty substantial," said AccuWeather meteorologist Tony Zartman.

August was 3 degrees below normal last year and 0.9 degrees below normal in 2012, he said.

This year, York didn't see any 90-degree days in August, Zartman said, and there were only three in July and two in June.

Although AccuWeather doesn't keep record of how many 90-degree days would be considered "normal," he said it's pretty clear this summer has been cool.

"I think you and I know that seems below normal," Zartman said. "We normally have more 90-degree days than that."

And combined data for this year's summer months — June, July and August — show an average temperature that's 3 degrees below normal, he said.

"And that in itself is actually pretty substantial, as well. ... August is what really brought that number down," Zartman said.


Last year's summer was 0.6 degrees below normal, and summer 2012 was only 0.3 degrees below normal, he said.

Warm week ahead: But summer's not over yet — and this week is shaping up to be a hot one.

"We're forecasting temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s for most of the week, and humidity's going to make it feel pretty uncomfortable," said Greg DeVoir, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College.

Cool, dry air probably won't come around until Sunday, after a cold front approaches the area this weekend, he said.

"We're still seeing summertime humidity hanging around this week," DeVoir said.

And humidity could mean that some rain is in York's future.

"With that humidity, we have daytime instability, so there's at least a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms just about any day," he said.

Thursday and Friday look like the days with the lowest chance of rain this week, DeVoir said.

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