Ten people were charged with DUI during a sobriety checkpoint held over the holiday weekend.

The checkpoint was held on Roosevelt Avenue, just south of Route 30, between 11 p.m. Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday.

About 100 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, meaning 10 percent of drivers traveling Roosevelt Avenue during the four-hour period were under the influence, according to the Center for Traffic Safety.

That percentage is disheartening, said Wayne Harper, director for the center.

"You would think by now that DUI offenders would get the message," he said. "The theme of the Labor Day weekend mobilization was 'drive sober or get pulled over.' How much clearer can we make it?'"

In addition to the DUI arrests, three drivers were charged with driving on suspended licenses from previous DUIs, four drivers were charged with driving without any license at all, two drivers were cited for driving with open containers in their vehicles, one person was charged with underage drinking, three people were charged with possession of drugs, and police served two summary warrants.

Harper said Roosevelt Avenue is an area police will continue to target in the weeks and months to come.

The checkpoint was conducted by West Manchester Township Police with assistance from the York City, Northern York County Regional and York Area Regional departments.


Sobriety checkpoints are planned in Adams and Lancaster counties this weekend.