A York City ordinance that dates to the 1960s is getting a long overdue makeover.

Among the proposed changes to the city's admissions tax legislation is the deletion of references to "cabaret" and "roof garden" performances.

The goal is to update the law's language before city officials move forward with plans to begin collecting the tax after many years of not doing so, said Michael Doweary, the city's assistant business administrator.

The city's 2014 budget includes $75,000 in revenue from the 5 percent tax on admission charges.

However, Doweary said, collection is unlikely to begin before 2015.

There are exceptions in the law for admissions to entertainment that benefits religious, educational, government or charitable institutions. Veterans, police and firefighter groups are also carved out as exceptions.

The York City Council introduced the proposed amendments at its meeting Tuesday.

The council did not discuss the proposal but could vote on it Tuesday, Sept. 16.