Plans are being developed to establish a new farmers market near Stoverstown.

The effort is being led by Willa Lefever, owner of Sonnewald Natural Foods, an 8,000-square-foot natural foods store and 60-acre farm in North Codorus Township.

"We're in the process of trying to set up interested vendors," she said.

Approved: She has received approval from North Codorus Township to set up vendors on the Sonnewald property and have customer parking at a neighboring cemetery lot.

Depending on how soon vendors come together, the new market might open this year or next spring, Lefever said.

The farmers market would probably be open two Saturdays a month, she said.

Having a farmers market on Sonnewald's lot could cut into her sales, Lefever said.

"We may lose a little in the produce department, but it still seems like the right thing to do," she said.

Local food: The initial loss would be worth it if it further develops the movement Lefever said she's noticed in York County and across the country.

"More and more people are recognizing the great value of local food," she said.

Local food is typically fresher, riper and safer, Lefever said.

"A lot of contamination and food safety issues are not happening at small, local farms. People are starting to recognize the most delicious, most nutritious, safest food is grown at home," she said.

Community: Lefever also said it would be a win for Stoverstown.

"I love the idea of restoring a sense of community," she said.

Everybody knew everybody when Lefever was a child growing up in Stoverstown, she said.

"Like so many others, it has now become a bedroom community. People leave Stoverstown to shop, work and find entertainment," Lefever said.

The farmers market would get people out to meet their neighbors, she said.

Anyone interested in being a vendor at the new farmers market is asked to contact Lefever at 225-6639 or

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