Downtown York probably wouldn't be the same without the White Rose Bar and Grill.

Situated at the corner of North Beaver and West Philadelphia streets, the restaurant has been serving customers since the 1930s and has become a well-known part of York City's rich history.

The restaurant will be celebrating its 80th birthday on Monday, and in honor of the milestone, owner Tom Sibol said customers can expect to go back in time.

"They can expect 1930s prices. They can expect 1930s flare and they can expect 1930s food types and drinks," he said.

The restaurant will offer a special 1930s-inspired menu with $1 soups, sandwiches and entrees, including hamburger steak served with scalloped potatoes and green beans; 25-cent beers will also be available.

Sibol said he doesn't know if he'll turn much of a profit on Monday, but he is expecting it to be a fun celebration

Sibol has owned the White Rose since 1984. He said the establishment has seen many dramatic changes over the years including multiple additions and renovations, and he is always looking to improve.

"A lot of people come in and ask me what's next on my agenda," he said.

History: The restaurant, which opened its doors in 1933, started out as The Beaver Inn on North Beaver Street, where the restaurant's smoking lounge, Stoagies, stands today. The restaurant was opened by Sibol's grandparents, and they sold it to his parents in 1944. Sibol's parents held on to it for 40 years until he bought it from them.


The restaurant did not expand out to its current corner at North Beaver and West Philadelphia streets until 1999, even though Sibol had owned the property since 1996.

Sibol's mother, Mary Sibol, 91, will be attending the event, greeting customers as they enter. He believes some customers will come out just to see her.

"She's very well-known," he said.

A large crowd is expected at Monday's event. The celebration was promoted through an email blast and the restaurant's Facebook page, which currently has more than 3,800 fans.

"It's going to be packed," said Jeremiah Anderson, co-owner and general manager of the White Rose. Anderson partnered with Sibol in 2008 when the "perfect opportunity" presented itself.

Loyalty: Sibol said the loyalty of the York community is one of the main reasons the restaurant has been so successful over the years and is able to continue growing.

"The community has been really supportive of what we've done downtown," he said.

Sibol also said that it's important to him that the restaurant give back to the community. In addition to partnering with other city businesses and the city itself on multiple events, the restaurant's Dine Out program has raised more than $100,000, which has helped 80 different nonprofits in the area.

"It gives us a good feeling," he said.

Anderson agrees. The White Rose is a destination for many people who come downtown, he said, but he cites the overall downtown business community as part of their success.

"The more businesses and cool, interesting things there are, the better it is for downtown York," he said.

Monday's 80th birthday celebration will run from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., with drink and food specials. Specials will not be available for take-out. The restaurant will be serving its regular menu as well.