It starts with a double-chocolate batter.

Orange extract is added to the batter, which becomes brownies, and chocolate ganache is poured on top.

Once a round cake pan is pulled from the oven and cooled, orange shavings are added as colorful garnish.

The dessert from All About Brownies will be featured at a showcase dinner at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 22, at Central Market.

"It's a great opportunity for us. Instead of hearing about us, they can see and taste what we do," said Nancy Nicholson, owner of All About Brownies.

All About Brownies got its start two years ago, which was six months after YorKitchen opened in an annex of the market.

YorKitchen provided a shared commercial kitchen space to All About Brownies and other start-up businesses, and the event next week is a chance to showcase their products, according to kitchen manager Aeman Bashir.

It's no mistake the event is being held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, she said.

"We're going to highlight a number of businesses that have begun or grown in YorKitchen," Bashir said.

The menu: The dinner menu is being developed by chef Howard Cantor of 21South and will be prepared by several YorKitchen users: Brother Floyd's Righteous Pickles, Danika's, Dot and Eva's Oven, Global Cafe, Hattie's Gourmet Cheesecakes, His Place Catering, Neilly's Foods, Sharmini's Kitchen and more.


Those users will collaborate to provide one cohesive meal, Bashir said.

For example, a fish dish will be provided by Global Cafe and a garlic-spinach side dish will be provided by Neilly's Foods.

The food will be prepared in YorKitchen and served to dinner guests in the dining area of Central Market.

It's a welcome opportunity, said Renee Achu, owner of Global Cafe, which sells Caribbean and Latin food.

"Since we're new, being open seven months, it will be a good chance to meet different people and different vendors," she said.

Achu, who has cooked professionally for 40 years overseas and on the East Coast, will be preparing a stuffed, baked swai fish with vegetables.

The fish dish is one course of the five-course meal. Other courses include soup, appetizers, a main entree and dessert.

A relish tray will also be included to showcase sauces and other products of YorKitchen users.

More than 50 people are registered for the dinner, which can accommodate 100 guests, Bashir said.

Ticket prices are $60 for York County Economic Alliance members and $75 for non-members.

Guests can register at Tickets will also be available at the door.

In addition to the food, guests will get the flavor of what has been produced in the kitchen.

"Since it opened 21/2 years ago, YorKitchen has helped open 34 new businesses and expand 14 others," Bashir said. "Dinner guests will get a better understanding of what is going in the kitchen while using all five senses."

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