This article was first published Jan. 5, 2014.

The winning numbers in Pennsyvlania's Millionaire Raffle were drawn Saturday night.

The four $1 million top-prize raffle ticket numbers selected were: 00077226, 00332500, 00339016, and 00355789.

The four $100,000 second-tier prize raffle ticket numbers selected were: 00009710, 00068057, 00352025, and 00393530.

The remaining 5,992 winning raffle ticket numbers for third- and fourth-tier prizes were also selected. Winning numbers are selected by a computerized random drawing.

Players may check winning numbers beginning tonight at and at retailers. Winning ticket numbers will be listed on the Lottery website by prize category. In addition, players may visit Lottery retailers to scan their own tickets to find out if they are winners.