(Courtesy of York Fire Wire)

When Maria Kopanis learned a tractor-trailer had flipped and landed on her husband's car, she thought the worst.

The York Township resident's son was killed in a car accident.

"I thought, 'I'm not going through this again,'" Kopanis said.

She didn't have to.

The accident: Around noon on Tuesday, her husband, Chris Kopanis, was waiting at the stoplight on Haines Road at the Mount Rose Avenue intersection in Springettsbury Township.

Kopanis, who owns the Eagles Nest, was in the left turning lane, just minutes away from his restaurant at the top of the hill.

That's when the tractor-trailer made a right turn onto the northbound road from westbound Mount Rose Avenue, according to Springettsbury Township Police.

It rolled over and landed on its side, partially lodging Kopanis' black BMW beneath it.

The car had extensive damage on the driver's side and a completely cracked windshield, but Kopanis' wife said he went to the hospital with only minor injuries.

"Thank God," she said.

Minor injuries: In addition to the BMW, four other cars were involved in the impact. As of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, the tractor-trailer driver's identity had not been released.

Joe Yingling of Dallastown was waiting in his Toyota Tacoma at the stoplight when the crash occurred, he said. Although his truck was slightly damaged, he was not hurt.

"Got lucky," he said.

Crews from York Area United Fire and Rescue responded, and Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Co. assisted with a rescue truck, said Dan Hoff, YAUFR battalion chief.

One person had to be cut out of a vehicle with hydraulic equipment, he said. Five people were transported to local hospitals, according to YAUFR.

"To the best of my knowledge, none of the injuries were life-threatening," Hoff said.

Only minor injuries were reported, according to a news release from Springettsbury Township Police.

Onlookers: Tasha Jackson of York City said she was driving through the area when she saw the crash's aftermath. She, as well as dozens of other onlookers, got out of the car to get a better view and take photos - she said she'd never seen a crash like it.

"This is terrible ... Just imagine the people in the turning lane," Jackson said, noting they could not move their cars to get out of the way of the tractor-trailer.

Cassi Yingling and her two young sons were heading to Haines Road when they saw the road was closed and got out to watch the cleanup.

"I can only imagine everybody's reaction," the Mount Wolf resident said of the drivers at the stoplight.

Springettsbury Township Police are still investigating the crash, and any witnesses are asked to call the department at 717-757-3525.

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