The multiple layoffs approved by York City School Board on Wednesday had a ripple effect. Among the furloughs and position changes for the 2010-11 school year:

---Tim Hibbs, the William Penn Senior High School football coach who was a character education teacher, was among the 24 teachers furloughed for an indefinite period. Hibbs still holds his coaching position, however.

Superintendent Sharon Miller said he lost his job because of his low seniority; Hibbs joined the district a year ago.

---Karen Richardson, nursing supervisor. Richardson's position was eliminated, despite a plea by Joanne Sullivan, director of personal health services for the York City Bureau of Health. Sullivan pointed out that Richardson is the primary liaison for nurses working in the district, and has helped set up new, districtwide events such as flu vaccination clinics. She was also at the forefront when the district had an outbreak of swine flu in 2009.

---Nearly 50 positions were eliminated. That included 13 language arts or math teachers, a middle school math coach, a K-12 literacy coordinator, and the gifted supervisor position held by Jane Best, who was reassigned to Smith Middle School. The district had planned earlier this year to expand its gifted program, but did not say how the position elimination would affect those plans.

Most of the people affected by the position eliminations were reassigned to other areas.


That included a technology interventionist becoming an English Language Learner teacher for students who struggle with English, the K-12 literacy coordinator becoming a literacy coach, and multiple people switching schools and grades.

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