When members of the York County Drug Task Force descended on the home of Kalief Watkins on Thursday, they knew exactly who they were looking for.

It's the fourth time Watkins, 35, of 623 Lincoln St. in York City, has been arrested and charged with felony drug dealing in York County, according to court records.

"We've known him for years and arrested him numerous times over the years," said York City Police Detective First Class Andrew Shaffer. "It's been a longstanding relationship he's had with us."

Thursday's raid yielded $2,940 in cash, Watkins' Honda Civic and $300 worth of marijuana, according to Shaffer, who's also a member of the task force.

No cocaine stash: But Shaffer - who described Watkins as a mid- to upper-level drug dealer - said it wasn't marijuana police were looking for.

"(Police believe) he was cooking crack cocaine. He was taking powdered cocaine and turning it into crack," the detective said. "We seized mixing bowls and pans, all with crack residue caked on it."

But no stash of cocaine was found, Shaffer said.

"It's extremely frustrating," he said of Watkins' repeated arrests.

Watkins remains free on $50,000 bail, charged with marijuana possession with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

While raiding the home, task force members also arrested Watkins' roommate, 32-year-old Byron Sullivan, who was wanted in New York on a felony arrest warrant, Shaffer said.

The background: Watkins pleaded guilty in November 1996 to drug dealing and was given a time-served to 23-month sentence, according to court records.

In September 2006, a jury found Watkins not guilty of drug dealing.

Two years later, another jury exonerated Watkins in December 2008 of drug dealing, records state. Those charges stemmed from a September 2008 raid on Watkins' former home, police said.

During that raid, police seized $28,000 in cocaine, $4,000 in marijuana, $5,800 cash, a stolen .40-caliber handgun and a 2000 Mitsubishi from Watkins, his former roommate and a Bronx, N.Y., man, Shaffer said at the time.

Watkins also pleaded guilty in September 2005 to felony dog-fighting and was sentenced to two to four years in state prison.

Shaffer said there were at least six dogs in cages at Watkins' home during Thursday's raid. One of Watkins' roommates is taking care of the dogs, the detective said.

Other arrests: The task force made six other arrests over the past two weeks as well, Shaffer said. Arrested were:

**Clyde Middleton, 30, of 120 Jennings Drive in Lancaster, in the York Galleria parking lot in Springettsbury Township; charged with heroin and crack cocaine possession with intent to deliver. Seized were $3,000 in heroin and $200 in crack, Shaffer said.

**Jhontae King, 18, of 602 W. Philadelphia St., in the 700 block of Arsenal Road (Route 30); charged with marijuana delivery. Seized was $280 in pot, police said.

**Andre R. Campbell, 26, of Landover, Md., near the corner of South George Street and Country Club Road.; charged with cocaine and marijuana possession with intent to deliver. Seized were $1,200 in cocaine, $1,200 in pot and a 2004 Mitsubishi.

**Saul Figueroa, 23, of 247 E. College Ave., in the first block of East South Street; charged with delivery of heroin and cocaine. Seize were $200 in heroin and $20 in cocaine.

**Shawntay Handy, 35, of 955 E. Princess St., near the corner of Smith and Union streets; charged with cocaine possession with intent to deliver. Seized was $1,000 in crack.

**Jason Stokes, 29, of 4241 Carlisle Pike in the Hanover area, on Interstate 83 in York Township; charged with heroin possession with intent to deliver. Seized was $1,200 in heroin.

Participating in the investigations were York City Police, Springettsbury Township Police, York Area Regional Police and state police, Shaffer said. Assisting were Northeastern Regional Police and a state police K-9 unit.

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