Kansas City, what more can we say?

We feel your pain.

 Harley-Davidson management recently strong-armed unions here in York County and in Wisconsin by threatening to move those operations to more efficient facilities unless concessions were made.

Moved to where? Well, Kansas City was one option.

But apparently you folks aren't all that efficient.

And now if you don't shape up (cave in), Harley is going to move its Kansas City production facility to ... drum roll ... York, where our workers apparently now are just a well-oiled machine.

Of course, we'll only have about half the workers we previously had, once all the agreed-to staff reductions are made.

But remember, half is better than none. That's what we told our workers here, and that's the advice we have for you.

Because we have no doubt Harley would have made good on its threat here and would do the same in Kansas City.

Do we want your jobs? Well, if you don't, then yes.

In this economy, some jobs are better than none, and more jobs are better than some.

In addition to the staff reduction, the company is restructuring the Springettsbury Township facility, such as consolidating operations into one building on the campus, which is supposed to streamline production.

Presumably, the new operations could absorb the Kansas City work.


We don't like they way management is going about these changes, but we do understand its need to stay competitive, especially in times like these, when its worldwide sales are on the decline.

It's hard to say what the company's planned assembly plant in India will mean for workers in York, Wisconsin or Kansas City.

If Harley can expand its market reach, it might mean new jobs here -- or it might mean the eventual export of parts production jobs overseas, as well.

One thing's for sure, though.

That plant in India better stay on the ball ... we hear those Pakistanis are pretty darned efficient.