Some drivers in York County might feel like mice trying to navigate in a science experiment, finding new dead-ends with every turn.

More than 50 of the county's state roads were closed Thursday, and highway officials said they can't tell residents when they'll reopen.

"I can't individually pick roads and tell you when they'll be passable," said Mike Crochunis, spokesman for the state Department of Transportation's District 8, which includes York County. "It's hard enough to wrap my arms around what we have."

Heavy bands of rain were expected to continue Thursday night, but water isn't the only concern, he said.

"Some roads are damaged," he said Thursday afternoon. "We've had some wash-outs, and repairs will need to be made in a number of cases. There's probably more to come, when it comes to rock slides and sinkholes."

Most roads won't be repaired until the rain stops and water subsides, he said.

Officials will continue to evaluate after the Susquehanna River crests on Friday, but it "may be a couple of days before some roads are open," he said.

Mike Summerville, assistant highway maintenance manager for York County, said crews will have to inspect flooded roads - after the water subsides - to make sure they're safe for the motoring public.

"There's wash-outs, just blacktop with nothing underneath," he said. "We need to make sure bridges and pipes are functioning. We have opened some roads, then had to close again.


We try to be as proactive as we can, but ultimately we have no control over Mother Nature and what she's doing to us right now."

He said he's hoping a majority of the roads are open by the weekend, but it could take much longer until some are repaired.

For example, he said, State Route 1014, Kreutz Creek Road in Hellam Township, has chunks of pavement missing.

"There's no time limit I can actually place on it," Summerville said. "But it is getting top priority."

County roads: While the state struggles to clear its roads, municipalities are contending with problems of their own.

Officials said some local roads should be repaired by for the weekend, longer for those with more serious damage.

"We still have flood waters on Pine Road where we had to evacuate people yesterday," Laurel Wilson, Dover Township manager said Thursday.

"We still have flooding on Conewago Road. We had an issue with a storm water pipe on Blackberry Road. The bridge on Cardinal Lane needs major work and that road will probably remain closed."

About 20 miles east in Hellam, emergency crews had to rescue at least a dozen people from the intersection of Kreutz Creek and Freysville roads when motorists became trapped in water Wednesday. That road, along with Dark Hollow Road and Cool Creek Road, remains closed to drivers.

In Conewago Township, crews began working on roads early Thursday morning. However, most repairs can't be completed until water recedes.

Township Manager Lou Anne Bostic said Sheep Bridge Road, Mill Creek and East Butter Road are all "totally undermined."

"They're all very important roads," she said. "They're all main corridors that people travel to get through town."

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Road closures

At noon Friday, PennDOT said 50 roads in York County in York County were closed because of flooding. PennDOT estimates most will open sometime Monday.

The following state roads in York County were closed. This list does not include roads that are maintained by York County or local municipalities; for a list of current local road closings, click here.

York County road closings:

* Route 24 between Druck Valley Rd and Mundis Race Rd in Springettsbury Twp

*Route 214 between the beginning of Route 214 and Main St in Seven Valleys

* Route 234 between Beaver Creek Rd and Lake Rd in Paradise Twp

*Route 262 between Shelleys Ln in Newberry Twp and York St/Broadway St in Goldsboro

* Route 262 between Still House Rd in Newberry Twp and Whisler Rd in Goldsboro

* Route 262 between Whisler Road in Goldsboro and Midway Road in Newberry Township

*Route 295 between Old Trail Rd in Conewago Twp and Grandview Dr in Newberry Twp

* Route 425 between Woodbine Road and Ridge Road in Fawn Township

*Route 425 between Burkholder Rd/New Bridgeville Rd in Chanceford Twp and Route 624/Craley Rd in Lower Windsor Twp

*Route 425 between Indian Steps Rd in Lower Chanceford Twp and Kline Rd in Chanceford Twp

* Route 616 between Seitzville Rd and Maple St/Shaffers Church Rd in Codorus Twp

*Route 624 between Bull Run Rd in Lower Windsor Twp and the end of Route 624

* Route 624 between Gebhart Rd and Bahns Mill Rd in Windsor Twp

*Route 1003 (Old York Rd) between Normandy Dr/Normandy Memorial Dr/New Cumberland Army Depot) and Route 114/Lewisberry Rd

*Route 1003 (Old York Rd) between Ross Ave in Fairview Twp and the Cumberland County line

* Route 1004 (Conewago Creek Road) between Bowers Brideg Road in East Manchester Township and Park Street

*Route 1008 (Codorus Furnace Rd/Furnace Rd) between Abbey Rd in East Manchester Twp and Jennifer Ln in Hellam Twp

*Route 1014 (Druck Valley Rd/Frysville Rd/Kreutz Creek Rd) between Route 30 east-Lancaster and Route 462/Lincoln Hwy in Hellam Twp

*Route 1010 (Druck Valley Road) between interesection of Horn Road and TRacy School Road and Orebank Road in Hellam Township

* Route 1019 (Landvale St/Main St/Wago Rd) between Board Rd in East Manchester Twp and Front St in York Haven

* Route 1021 (Locust Point Rd) between Canal Rd in East Manchester Twp and Bowers Bridge Rd in Conewago Twp

* Route 2011 (Cool Creek Rd) between Mt Pisgah Rd and Eagle Ln/Kenneth Way in Hellam Twp

*Route 2012 (Bull Run Rd/Long Level Rd) between Route 624/Craley Rd and Route 624/Long Level Rd/Craley Rd in Lower Windsor Twp

*Route 2017 (Stonewood Rd) between Eastern Blvd and Route 462/E Market St in Springettsbury Twp

*Route 2024 (Paper Mill Rd) between Route 74/Delta Rd in Lower Chanceford Twp and Flintville Rd in Peach Bottom Twp

*Route 2032 (Bridgeton Rd) between Owad Rd in Fawn Twp and Route 425/Woodbine Rd in Lower Chanceford Twp

*Route 2060 (Rippling Run Rd) between Herbst Rd in North Hopewell Twp and Red Lion Ave in Felton

*Route 2075 (Laurel Rd) between High Rock Rd/Twin Hills Rd/Hickory Rd in East Hopewell and Brogueville Rd/Cramer Rd in Chanceford Twp

*Route 3012 (Rockville Rd) between Roser Rd in Codorus Twp and Route 616/Seven Valleys Rd in Shrewsbury Twp

*Route 3012 (Rockville Rd) between Nafe Sawmill Rd and Meckley in Codorus Twp

*Route 3015 (Fissels Church Rd) between Ridge Rd in Shrewsbury Rd and Route 216/Sticks Rd in Codorus Twp

*Route 3017 (Reynolds Mill Rd) between Twin Arch Rd in Springfield Twp and Water St in York Twp

* Route 3019 (Tunnel Hill Rd) between Twin Arch Rd in North Codorus Twp and Days Mill Rd in York Twp

*Route 3020 (York Rd/Valley Rd/Glatfelters Station Rd) between Route 616/Seven Valleys Rd in North Codorus Twp and Route 214/Seven Valleys Rd in Springfield Twp

*Route 3021 (Arnold Rd) between Messersmith Rd and Indian Rock Dam Rd in North Codorus Twp

*Route 3029 (Loucks Mill Rd/Arch St) between George St in the City of York and Route 30/Loucks Rd in Springettsbury Twp

*Route 3041 (Sinsheim Rd/York St/Green Valley Rd/Hanover St) between Park Rd and Pentland Rd in Codorus Twp

*Route 3042 (Salem Rd/George St/Days Mill Rd/Croll School Rd/Stoverstown Rd) between Markle Rd in North Codorus Twp and Tunnel Hill Rd in York Twp

*Route 3047 (Iron Ridge Rd/Maple Grove Rd/Krafts Mill Rd/Porters Rd/Pigeon Hill Rd/Rocky Ridge Rd) between Park Rd in North Codorus Twp and Marburg Rd in Heidelberg Twp

* Route 3050 (Woodberry Road) between Route 616 and West College Avenue in West Manchester Township

*Route 3053 (Colonial Valley Rd/Leschey Church Rd/Emig Rd) between Thoman Drive in North Codorus Twp and Lischeys Church Road in North Codorus Twp

*Route 4005 (Susquehanna Trail) between Woodmont Dr and Still Meadow Ln in Manchester Twp

*Route 4011 (Greenbriar Rd) between Church Rd in Manchester Twp and Canal Rd in Conewago Twp

* Route 4015 (Colonial Rd) between Davidsburg Rd and Harmony Grove Rd in Dover Twp

*Route 4016 (Kise Hill Rd/Sheep Bridge Rd) between Miller Rd and Sheep Bridge Rd in Newberry Twp

*Route 4022 (Lewisberry Rd/Siddonsburg Rd) between Silver Lake Rd and Markham Ct in Fairview Twp

*Route 4051 (Big Mount Rd) between Route 234/East Berlin Rd and Admire Rd in Paradise Twp