It was a case of perfect timing, and Dallastown High School athletic director Tory Harvey couldn't have been much happier.

It just so happened that former NFL player Coy Wire was in the area Wednesday -- which just happened to be a momentous news day in the NFL.

Wire planned to talk to area students and athletes about inspiration and his new book "Change Your Mind." He did that. But he also discussed the news of the day in the NFL.

Wire, a Cedar Cliff High School graduate, emphasized one main underlying theme throughout the night at Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Conference Center -- positivity.

Coy Wire gives an inspirational gives an inspirational talk at Heritage Hills to benefit the Dallastown High School’s Stadium Turf Capital Fund. (Bil
Coy Wire gives an inspirational gives an inspirational talk at Heritage Hills to benefit the Dallastown High School's Stadium Turf Capital Fund. (Bil Bowden)

"Coy actually came to Dallastown last year for a recruiting seminar," Harvey said. "And we talked about him coming back and talking to the kids. That's just the type of person that he is and he said 'anytime.' So he's been at the athletics directors conference with his dad (Rick). Rick called and said, 'Hey, I've got Coy coming to town' and the only time he could do it was tonight. So I said 'Let's do it.'"

Wire's talk was the first one that the former Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons defensive stalwart conducted since penning his first book.

"Tonight was the first inspirational speaking engagement that I've had since I became a new published author," Wire said. "So for me, this was a big step in the next chapter of life."

Speaking to groups has always come naturally to Wire and something that he genuinely enjoys. He's talked at events for organizations such as UPS, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Military, as well as at other colleges and high schools.

"I've always passed along positive messages with inspiration and motivation to my teammates," he said. "Now that my playing days are over, I plan to do the same to continue spreading positivity, to continue to inspire, and to elevate."

Tebow: Those same things can be said of Tim Tebow, the newly-acquired New York Jets quarterback. For all the discussions about the merits of his play and whether he can succeed in the NFL, Wire had nothing but great things to say about the former Heisman Trophy winner as a person.

"I think so highly of him," Wire said. "Kids need positive role models and people with values. They need to have heroes that are going to steer them in the right direction and fill their life with positivity and energy, and he's all of those things."

Bounties: Wire perhaps has become best known for being a part of the discussion about bounties in the NFL. When Wire was drafted out of Stanford in 2002 by the Bills, his coach in Buffalo at that time was none other than Gregg Williams. Williams was suspended indefinitely by the NFL on Wednesday for his role in bounty programs in Buffalo, Washington and New Orleans.

Wire unequivocally voiced his disdain for bounties and their role in the sport.

"We didn't really have a set bounty system in Buffalo, like the one they had in New Orleans," he said. "It was totally different. It was ... unlike anything I had every experienced in college. Looking back at it, we definitely took things too far. We had a skewed perception of how the game should be played."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took the drastic step of suspending New Orleans head coach Sean Peyton for the entire 2012 season. While that decision may not be popular with Saints fans, Wire understood why it had to be taken.

"I was shocked," he said. "Roger Goodell was in a delicate situation, a tough situation, in as far as how to punish what went on, but I think I can say for certain that this type of thing will have no place in our game again."

Notes: Wire spoke for about 90 minutes. All proceeds from the event went to the Dallastown Stadium Turf Capital Campaign ... You can find out more about Wire by following him on Twitter@coywire or visiting his website at

-- Reach Ryan Vander sloot at sports@yorkdis