The West York School District had to burn some midnight oil, but it made the state deadline to submit construction plans it wants considered for partial reimbursement.

After a special meeting on Sunday, district officials submitted plans to the state before the Oct. 1 deadline, according to Superintendent Emilie Lonardi.

The state is placing a moratorium on reimbursements for construction projects because of budget constraints. A project submitted after the deadline wouldn't be eligible for reimbursement, which in West York's case could have meant the potential loss of million of dollars.

The plans include a $23 million high school renovation to add up to 16 classrooms, expand the cafeteria, and add a new gymnasium, as the existing gym is one of the smallest in the county and needs a new floor, according to Lonardi.

"This was the time," Lonardi said, noting the building went up in 1968.

Expansions: The district also is considering adding more secure entrances at Trimmer and Lincolnway elementaries and adding to Wallace Elementary and the administration building.

The total estimate is $47.5 million, with a maximum potential reimbursement of about $4 million.

As part of that plan, Loucks Elementary School on West Poplar Street would be closed and Wallace, located on High Street, would be expanded and used to house all kindergarten and first-grade students.

Any half-day kindergarten classes would switch to full-day.

However, West York is not bound to follow through on the projects and can still make adjustments.


The deadline was merely to get plans in the pipeline before the moratorium, she said. If the district proceeds on schedule, the high school, Wallace, and administration projects could be completed by 2015.

Lonardi said the goal is to find a way to do the projects and follow through on plans not to raise taxes.

West York should be able to do so because some previous bond payments are coming off the books by next July.

-- Dispatch correspondent Wendy Garman con tributed to this story. Reach Andrew Shaw at