Anthony White Jr.
Anthony White Jr.

The 2-1/2-year-old son of murder victim Christopher Armagost sat quietly Monday morning as the man who killed his father was ordered to spend life in prison.

Anthony Paul White Jr. will never be eligible for parole. A jury on Sept. 13 found him guilty of second-degree murder and burglary.

White fatally shot Christopher Armagost, 30, at the victim's 315 S. Penn St. home on Dec. 10.

Trial testimony revealed White followed one of Armagost's female roommates home, then kicked down the door. Armagost ran downstairs, got White out of the home, shut the door and leaned against it, according to testimony.

But White shot through the door, hitting Armagost in the spine and neck.

White, 22, of 253 S. Penn St.

Murder victim Christopher Armagost
Murder victim Christopher Armagost
, still has seven pending criminal cases in York County Court. All of them are for allegedly committing armed robberies and carjackings.

The victim's father, Michael Armagost of Hanover, spoke in court Monday, echoing what he said after White's conviction -- that White should have been locked up the day he gunned down Christopher Armagost.

Out on bail: On Dec. 7, White was found guilty of strong-arm robbery for robbing the American Mart, 451 E. Philadelphia St. of cash and cartons of cigarettes in November 2010.

Prosecutors at the time asked presiding Common Pleas Judge Michael E. Bortner to revoke White's bail, but the judge instead allowed White to remain free pending his sentencing hearing.

At that point, White had not been charged with any of the seven robberies he's accused of committing, according to court records.

Three days after White's conviction, Christopher Armagost was dead.

Michael Armagost says it's his mission to get Bortner unseated. Bortner did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

"It's the failure of this court that cost my son his life," the grieving father said. "(White) should have been behind bars on Dec. 10. ... I believe Judge Bortner ought to be removed from the bench ... because I don't want another family to go through what my family did."

'Soulless monster': In court Monday, Michael Armagost described White as a psychopath.

"You are less than nothing," he said. "You are a soulless monster who has not shown one ounce of remorse."

Michael Armagost noted that 2-1/2-year-old Damien Armagost will never get to know his own father.

"He'll never play catch (with him), go fishing or talk about girls," Michael Armagost said. "He will grow up always wondering what could have been."

He said there will always be something missing from the hearts and lives of his family members, and took White to task for letting the White family believe he's innocent.

'Tell the truth': "For once in your life think of someone else," Michael Armagost said. "Tell your family the truth."

Matthew Armagost, one of the victim's five siblings, also spoke in court. He wondered aloud about the values of a community in which young men are considered tough simply by waving around guns.

"Where's the values?" he asked. "Where are the parents?"

The brother noted his "only semblance of solace" is that White will -- barring a successful appeal -- die in prison.

"There are no pistols to hide behind in prison," he said.

Killer defended: White declined to make a statement at his sentencing hearing but his grandmother, Evelyn Koger of York City, defended him in court.

"My grandson is not a monster," she said, adding she knows how the Armagost family feels because "we had four murders in our own family."

Koger insisted her grandson is innocent and was set up by police because he refused to "snitch" on his friends. She claimed police harassed him.

But chief deputy prosecutor David Sunday wasn't impressed:

"The amount of evidence against Anthony White in this case is so overwhelming that (his guilt) was beyond any and all doubt whatsoever."

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