The blizzard last October at least had the decency to hit over the weekend.This year's becoming-an-annual-thing October storm struck on Monday and Tuesday, which led to York County schools' closing their doors for two days.The storm didn't hit York County as hard as expected, and so outside of a few two-hour delays, schools resumed classes Wednesday as normal. But Hurricane Sandy did cost districts two of their inclement weather make-up dates, and that's before winter, let alone Halloween, arrived.

"It's a little scary losing two this early," said Hanover Public School District superintendent Al Moyer.

Districts should hope for a repeat of last year. A mild winter - the Halloween snowstorm that dropped 10 inches of snow in York County was the worst of it - meant few, if any, make-up dates were used in 2011-12. Hanover didn't use any, Moyer said.

"We were very fortunate last year," he said.

But if this winter turns out like two years ago, it could lead to a long June for some York students. In 2010, a few districts had to hold classes into the third week of June. Several districts had higher-than-usual storm-related cancellations that year, most notably because of a February blizzard.That situation caused some districts, such as Central and Dallastown, to add inclement weather make-up dates in the middle of the year to avoid having to push back graduation with tacked-on days.


And there's no relief coming for Sandy make-up dates. The state Department of Education will not be granting waivers to its 180 instructional days requirement because of the storm, according to department spokesman Tim Eller.

The following is a list of make-up dates for the 2012-13 school year now being used. Some districts have yet to decide which dates will be used. Most districts will now have a shorter break after New Year's Day and Easter.

Central- March 11, April 26

Dallastown- TBA

Dover- Feb. 18, April 1

Eastern- Feb. 15, March 22

Hanover- April 1-2

Northern- TBA

Northeastern- Feb. 15, May 17

Red Lion- Jan. 21, Feb 18

Spring Grove- Feb. 15, March 28

South Eastern- Jan. 2, Feb. 19

South Western- Jan. 2, March 28

Southern- Feb. 15, May 24

West Shore- Jan. 2, Feb. 15

West York- Nov. 26, Jan. 2

York City- June 10-11

York Suburban- March 28, April 1

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