The 93rd House District seat is State Rep. Ron Miller's to keep for an eighth term.

Miller, 61, R-Jacobus, received 23,232 votes compared to 10,547 votes for challenger Democrat Linda Small, 51, of New Freedom.

"I think the key point for voters is that I'm with my constituents all the time," Miller said. "They know who I am, and they appreciate my voting record and the things I do try to support them."

Small said that while she didn't win, she is satisfied with her efforts and glad that there were voters who supported her stance on the dangers of global warming, improving the economy and using renewable energy industry to create jobs.

"I wish (Miller) would look into these issues going forward," she said.

Key issues: However, Miller said he has a list of issues he wants to work through during his eighth term.

"We have labor issues we're trying to address," said Miller, majority chairman of the House Labor and Industry Committee. "There's prevailing wage reforms, worker's comp reforms."

Transportation issues also are going to be a "hot topic" for the state, Miller added.

"We need to change funding a little bit, find more funding somewhere," he said. "There's a good chance of losing federal money. We need to increase the amount of funding at the state level."

Miller said he also wants to help his district and the state win the battle with rising education costs.

"I'm hearing from people about property taxes, and we have not been funding appropriately for growing school districts."

The 93rd state House District includes Codorus, Manheim, Shrewsbury, Springfield and West Manheim townships, part of York Township and the boroughs of Dallastown, Glen Rock, Jacobus, Jefferson, Loganville, New Freedom, Railroad, Seven Valleys, Shrewsbury and Yoe.

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