After a "somewhat divisive" election season, Richard Alloway said he'll spend his second term as a state senator urging legislators to work together.

There used to be an allowance for respectful disagreement in politics, Alloway said.

"I hope we get back there at some point," he said Tuesday night.

The Franklin County Republican was re-elected Tuesday to represent the 33rd District, which includes parts of York, Adams and Franklin counties.

In York County, the 33rd Senate District includes Dover, Dover Township Paradise Township and Heidelberg Township.

In those municipalities, Alloway won 67 percent of the vote, collecting 8,143 votes to 3,870 for his Democratic challenger. His margin of victory was even greater in Franklin County, 44,958 to 16,576, or 72.3 percent.

Alloway defeated Bruce Neylon, a 59-year-old computer programmer from Straban Township, who launched a write-in campaign for the Democratic nomination just a few days before the primary election.

On Tuesday, Neylon said he was pleased with the experience.

"I am really pleased with all the people that voted for me. I'm happy," he said.

Neylon said he might not seek office again, but he intends to stay active in local politics.

In his second term, Alloway said he'll work to advance the state's transportation and infrastructure systems.

Lawmakers need to have a serious discussion about how to fund improvements, and Alloway said he'd seek to work with legislators across the aisle.

"I've always tried to work with people I disagree with," he said.

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