York County Commissioners on Wednesday approved a contract with Orkin, a pest-control company, for the treatment of a bed bug infestation in the York County Prison's work release trailers.

The $3,800 contract includes follow-up inspection to make sure there are no bed bugs before the prisoners move to a new facility at the end of the year.

Last month, officials furloughed about 90 male work-release inmates for 72 hours so exterminators could kill bed bugs there. The inmates were be allowed to go home or stay with friends or family because of bed bugs that were believed to have been brought into the housing by prisoners.

The trailers were successfully treated and prisoners permitted to return.

About 150 male prisoners live in the work-release housing. The 90 minimum-security prisoners permitted to leave were employed with private companies.

The county is renovating and plans to move the 150 male and 50 female work release inmates into the former Service Tire Truck Center, a 36,000-square-foot building at 3403 Concord Road, by Dec. 31.