The director of the York Adams Academy opened a presentation to the Northeastern school board with a song: Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall."

The 1979 hit serves as a reminder that the traditional public school setting does not work for every student, said director Dave Detzel.

On average, 11 students leave Northeastern High and graduate from the academy each year. In the last 22 years, 248 Northeastern students graduated from the academy.

Formerly York County High, the academy serves 11 school districts in York County and seven in Adams County. Students attend for various reasons, ranging from failures to complete work to prolonged absences.

The academy partners with districts in order to offer eligible students a high school diploma instead of a GED. In fact, students who graduate rom the academy receive a dual diploma, one from the academy and another from the student's home district.

Currently, Northeastern holds 12 seats at the academy at a cost of $21 per day per seat, making the average tuition approximately $4,000 per seat for a school year.

Detzel also outlined the major benefits to attending the academy, explaining that students are given hope that they may succeed in finishing their high school education, as well as geetting an opportunity for personal development.

He said the academy also teaches academic discipline, which can transfer to success in the workplace or higher education.

Northeastern board member Kevin Gebhart said that students who attend the academy learn accountability.


The academy enforces a strict attendance policy and students are expected to maintain a reasonable academic pace.

To be accepted into the academy, students must pass an entrance exam and have completed about 10 high school credits.

Board member Linda Morningstar commended Detzel for his success with Northeastern students.