More than 100 workers who will lose or have lost jobs with New York Wire will have a bit of a safety net thanks to some federal and state help.

The state's Department of Labor & Industry on Tuesday announced that the company's workers in Hanover and York are eligible to apply for federal Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits, federal funds given to workers affected by foreign imports or shifts in production to foreign countries, according to a news release.

Workers of Wire Company Holdings Inc., parent company of New York Wire, are affected because the company is closing a plant and shifting work to a foreign country.

The benefits are available to eligible workers who have lost or are scheduled to lose their jobs, or have had their work hours reduced from Oct. 2, 2011, through Oct. 16, 2014, according to the press release.

The workers can receive funded training, cash income support, job-search and relocation assistance and transportation and subsistence allowances. A federal Health Coverage Tax Credit is also available to assist with health insurance premiums.

Also, workers age 50 or older who get a new job at a lower salary may be eligible to receive cash benefits, or Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance, to reduce the difference between their former salary and their new wages, according to the press release.


Applications for various programs may be filed through the Unemployment Compensation Service Center by calling 888-313-7284 or visiting a CareerLink office.

Seniority counts: The company plans to close its York plant at 441 E. Market St., the state Department of Labor & Industry has confirmed, but no date has been released.

All 170 jobs at the York factory will be lost, but employees of the York plant can bid into jobs at the company's second location in Hanover, said Mike Smeltzer, executive director of the Manufacturers' Association of South Central PA.

The company has not responded to numerous requests for comment.