Northeastern initially thought they'd start their superintendent search process Dec. 3, but now the date is yet to be determined.

The district has a regular meeting Monday, but it won't include a discussion with the solicitor, as previously thought by the board president, about the timeline for the eventual replacement of Superintendent Jody Nace, whose contract was not renewed.

A Dec. 3 date was indicated in Thursday's York Dispatch based on previously supplied information.

When they do eventually meet to discuss it, the board will figure out if it wants to get an outside agency, such as the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, to help with the search, a common practice, according to board president Margie Walker.

A timeline will be established, too, she said. It's not yet been determined if the meeting will be public, since it involves personnel discussion.

Northeastern is seeking to replace Jody Nace, who is finishing the third year of a three-year contract she signed in 2010.

Nace, who previously served as assistant superintendent, was informed at a recent board meeting that board members do not intend to renew her contract.

Nace was not given a reason, but both she and Walker said the board is not obligated to give one, and that there is no investigation for wrongdoing.

Nace responded soon after with an email to Northeastern parents, thanking them for their support.


Some community members said they didn't know the board would be voting on her fate until after the fact, she wrote, as she encouraged them to regularly attend board meetings so they are always aware of what's going on at Northeastern.

Nace has said she was "very surprised" about the board's decision, but that she has nothing but love for Northeastern.

"I will continue to serve the Northeastern School District for the remainder of this school year as I have for the last 10 years; that is, as a professional who serves with our students' interests at the forefront," Nace wrote. "I want you to know that your support has meant the world to me."

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