Two people were robbed at gunpoint by three teens outside a York City ATM on Sunday afternoon, police said.

York City Police said Brian Pendergast, 56, of Colony Drive in York City, and Kathryn Pendergast, 57, of Brandywine Lane in Manchester Township, drove to the Sovereign Bank ATM at 101 S. George St. about 4:35 p.m.

Brian Pendergast got out to make a withdrawal, police said. They told officers they didn't think anything of the three teenage males who approached from behind, since it was still daylight out, according to police.

All three teens, described as being from 15 to 18 years old, hid behind the ATM's vault, then approached Brian Pendergast as he walked back to the car, police said.

One of the teens pointed a handgun at him and ordered him to give up his cash and phone, which he did, police said. Kathryn Pendergast also was robbed of her phone, police said.