Of the three Republican York County row officers who recently announced bids for re-election, two said 2013 is the last time they'll run, and the third said she's staying at the job until she finishes her work backlog from the year 1749.

District Attorney Tom Kearney, County Controller Robb Green, and Recorder of Deeds Randi Reisinger announced their candidacies Monday at a Republican Club of York County meeting, with Kearney and Green saying it'll be their final election.

Kearney took office in 2010 after winning the 2009 Republican primary, defeating Stan Rebert after 24 years in the post. He said he's sticking to his pledge to serve no more than two four-year terms.

"In my view, two terms is enough," Kearney said Tuesday.

"That's what I said when I ran, and I meant it."

If elected to a second term, Kearney said his priority will be stemming the drug trade and targeting prevention of gun violence in York.

He would collaborate "with all of the players to hammer out a strategic plan," involving York City Police, the mayor's office, the county's probation department, federal drug-law enforcement officers, and suburban police departments, he said.

Kearney said he'll formally announce his candidacy on the steps of the York County Judicial Center at 12:15 p.m. on Jan. 2.

Also finished: Green said he'll seek a third term as controller, the office that supervises the county's fiscal affairs and keeps details of the accounts of all county officers who collect and disburse county money.

Green said he has been "the fiscal watchdog helping York County spend wisely" and, under his leadership, the controller's office has been "ultra-frugal with tax dollars."

"We have been persistent fiscal watchdogs barking at any waste no matter where we found it," he said.

But Green said Tuesday that, if he's elected to a third term, those 12 years would be enough.

"After 12 years, any office needs to have new blood," he said.


Green declined to address rumors that he's planning a run for county commissioner, saying he's "leaving options open" but would consider "other opportunities at the county level."

1749? Recorder of Deeds Randi Reisinger is running for a fourth term as the county official responsible for the recording and maintaining of all real estate documents in the county.

She said she's looking to serve again because she still has work to do.

"We have land records that run back to 1749, when York started, and I'm looking to back-scan," she said. "It's a long process."

She said taxpayers benefit from electronic record-keeping because they won't have to pull books for information.

"It'll also save costs for preservation of the old books ... where pages go missing," she said.

Bob Wilson, Chairman of the York County Republican Party, said Tuesday he was not aware of other Republican candidates running for row offices in the May primary, "but anytime anyone puts their name on a ballot, they should expect a primary challenger if they're an incumbent or not."

"I think there will be some challenges made for county seats, but which particular offices I'm not sure."

York County Democratic Party chair Bob Kefauver said some Democrats have inquired about county offices, but none so far have announced candidacy.

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