A West York man being cited for pepper-spraying a motorcyclist in the face during an alleged road-rage incident Tuesday told The York Dispatch he didn't break the law.

Kenneth Fink III, 34, of the 1200 block of West King Street, is being cited with summary harassment for the 1:30 p.m. incident.

York City Police said Fink was driving northbound on Richland Avenue and started to turn left onto West King Street, into the path of a southbound motorcycle being ridden by Brian Wolf, 23, of Cherry Orchard Road in Dover Township.

Fink nearly hit Wolf with his Cadillac Escalade, but stopped in time to avoid a collision, police said. Wolf yelled something at Fink from his motorcycle, according to police, and pulled over.

Fink pulled next to the motorcycle and stopped, police said.

"If the SUV driver would have just continued on his path, there wouldn't have been a problem," Lt. Kevin Girling said. "But he felt the need to ... confront the motorcyclist."

Wolf approached Fink's open driver window, which is when Fink sprayed him in the face with pepper spray, according to police. Wolf was treated at York Hospital.

But Fink said he was acting in self-defense -- not out of rage -- when he sprayed Wolf.

Fink said he stopped making his turn in plenty of time to avoid Wolf, who he claims responded by yelling and threatening Fink. Wolf has not been charged in the incident.

"I was thinking, 'This guy's crazy,'" Fink said.


Fink said he immediately pulled over next to Wolf because "he was acting like he was so startled."

Fink said he sprayed Wolf after the man ran up to the Escalade and made a fist.

"I never yelled at this guy," Fink said. "I never exited my vehicle -- I never even undid my seat belt."

Fink said he plans to fight the citation in court.

"They can call it what they want," he said of the alleged road-rage incident, "but I didn't do nothing wrong."

-- Staff writer Liz Evans Scolforo can also be reached at levans@yorkdispatch.com.