The state's Department of Agriculture on Thursday afternoon announced an escaped deer - known by its farm tag "Pink 23" - tested negative for chronic wasting disease.

The doe had been kept at a New Oxford, Adams County, deer farm where the fatal disease was first detected. Pink 23 escaped from the farm - 1491 New Chester Road - in October when the herd was being removed for testing. Last month, the animal was shot on an adjoining deer farm. Both farms remain quarantined under a statewide effort to monitor the disease.

The Pennsylvania State Veterinary Laboratory in Harrisburg is still testing a second deer, "Purple 4," that escaped from an unlicensed deer farm in Huntington County.

Only two cases of the disease, which attacks the brains of infected antlered animals such as deer, elk and moose, have been discovered. Before rifle season started for deer this year, a 600-square-mile Disease Management Area was set up in parts of York and Adams counties after the two deer, which lived at the New Oxford farm, tested positive for CWD.

Hunters in the management area must take deer killed during rifle season, Nov. 26-Dec. 8, to a checking station where it can be tested for chronic wasting disease.

The monitoring boundary bisects York County, with most areas north of Routes 116, 30, and 462 included. Deer killed in areas south of the boundary don't have to be checked.