Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly named the company involved with the work at York County Prison.

York County's attorney is saying the county and its taxpayers won't have to field the costs related to a Nov. 21 carbon-monoxide leak that sent 49 female inmates from York County Prison to area hospitals.

The incident occurred during HVAC replacement activities being performed by Harrisburg-based McClure Company, and an investigation found neither the county nor its employees responsible, said acting solicitor Don Reihart.

He said Tuesday during a county prison board meeting that the incident is covered under an indemnification clause in the work contract with the company, under which McClure and its insurance company are responsible if negligence causes any damage.

Reihart said the contractor failed to properly vent a unit that was pumping heat into a gym and other areas of the prison.

An McClure Company representative did not immediately return a call for comment after the meeting.

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