Congressman-elect Scott Perry has been assigned to serve on three House of Representatives committees after he's sworn in to his 4th Congressional District seat on Jan. 3.

Perry, who's also a colonel in the National Guard, said he'll be serving on the Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security and Transportation and Infrastructure committees for the two-year term.

Perry said he gave a House steering committee a list of some assignments in which he was interested, but avoided some highly coveted assignments that - in a system based on seniority - he was unlikely to get.

He would have liked, for example, to serve on Energy and Commerce and Armed Services, "but that just wasn't going to happen," he said.

Perry said he chose Foreign Affairs, which considers legislation with an impact on the diplomatic community and includes the Department of State, because of his personal background of having served in the military for 32 years.

"I can hit the ground running," he said. "These are issues where I probably have a deeper understanding than the average person might."

Homeland Security: He also selected Homeland Security, which has jurisdiction over issues such as counterterrorism and cyber security, because of its military components. It also covers border security, which is tied to immigration, an issue about which people in the 4th Congressional District have voiced concerns, he said.


Transportation and Infrastructure airs legislative issues on all modes of transportation, including aviation, maritime, roads, bridges, mass transit and railroads. It was a fitting assignment because Pennsylvania and the 4th are tied through road networks to many major hubs, Perry said.

"It's important for commerce, important for jobs, and important for security," he said.

Perry will work under chairmen Reps. Ed Royce, R-Calif., in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, R-Texas, on the Homeland Security Committee, and Pennsylvania's Bill Shuster, R-9th District, on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, according to a press release.

Subcommittee assignments have not been announced.

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