Jurors on Thursday acquitted Eric Dadeboe, 29, of Hunter Creek Drive in Conewago Township, of aggravated assault in a June 2011 shooting at Jamie's Courtside bar, 18, S. Belmont St. But Dadeboe was convicted of reckless endangerment.

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Whether Eric Dadeboe shot a drunken man inside a Spring Garden Township bar in vengeance or in self-defense will be up to a jury to decide.

After deliberating for about an hour Wednesday afternoon, jurors resumed their task Thursday morning.

Dadeboe, 29, of Hunter Creek Drive in Conewago Township, is charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment for the 1:10 a.m. June 20, 2011, shooting at Jamie's Courtside bar, 18 S. Belmont St.

Defense attorney Chris Ferro and senior deputy prosecutor Seth Bortner agree Dadeboe was viciously attacked and beaten for no reason by two York Township men inside the bar -- Joshua Smeltzer and Corey Potter.

As Smeltzer held Dadeboe, Potter repeatedly punched him, according to testimony. Dadeboe was able to struggle free and ran out of the bar, leaving his date inside.

Returned with gun: Moments later, Dadeboe ran back inside Jamie's Courtside, holding a gun at his side, which was pointed down.

During closing arguments Wednesday afternoon, Ferro told jurors Dadeboe was frightened but knew he had to go back inside for "the woman he loved." Dadeboe -- who Ferro called quiet and unassuming -- legally owns the gun and had a permit to carry it.


He fired a shot when Potter came toward him again, according to Ferro, then fired again when Smeltzer hit him with a "haymaker" punch. Smeltzer was hit with a bullet to his upper chest area near his neck.

"This case is really about nothing more than two drunk, bigoted bullies who got back more than they bargained for," Ferro said. "This case is about the right to protect yourself from wicked, drunken bullies ... before they seriously hurt you."

Revenge? But Bortner told jurors Dadeboe didn't come back in for his date, because he walked right past her as he ran back in the bar.

"He went back into that barroom for one reason," the prosecutor said. "It was to get revenge."

Smeltzer, 33, of Rambo Road, and Potter, 38, of Waterford Drive, remain charged with simple assault and harassment for attacking Dadeboe.

Charges weren't filed against them until about two months after Dadeboe's preliminary hearing, during which Ferro tore into Smeltzer's testimony of what happened that night.

At the close of the August 2011 hearing, presiding District Judge Walter Groom said, "I believe that Mr. Smeltzer's testimony was worthless."

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