Northeastern School District joined the ranks of other York County schools dealing with an unfounded threat on students in the aftermath of Sandy Hook.

According to Northeastern Superintendent Jody Nace, Northeastern officials received a report this week of one student-fueled rumor about a threat on other students. But, after an investigation, officials "identified and addressed the source of the rumor" and decided there was "no credible threat to the school district."

West York and Red Lion had similar threats by students that also proved to not be credible, and Dallastown implored families to report rumors if they hear them to the proper authorities.

Nace said the "baseless" rumor still caused Northeastern to ask for an increased police presence this week at its various schools as a precaution.

"While we ask that you report rumors as you hear them to school officials, please know that if a rumor is verified, strong and appropriate legal and law enforcement actions are taken," Nace said in a message on the school website. "We would also inform the community in an appropriate and timely manner."