If the Mayans were correct and the world has indeed ended, you may not be reading this. But if you lucked out and by some large chance the end is not near, you're not alone.

"The world is not going to end," said Lauren Walker.

The Ohio State University student and fellow student Sam Bernhoffer were out on the town in York City Thursday night not because they wanted to have one last drink, but because they were in town to visit Bernhoffer's family for the holidays.

Some people believe that when the Mayan "long count" calendar ends Friday, so will the world. The majority of the globe's population is taking it with a grain of salt.

"I had to say goodbye," Bernhoffer joked as to why he is in York.

The end?: Anthropologists aren't even sure whether the end of the Mayan calendar falls on Dec. 21, or whether it's already happened or is still to come, said Geoffrey Braswell, an associate professor of anthropology and leading Maya scholar at the University of California, San Diego.

The date is mentioned in only two known cases, including an etching that says nine gods will descend from heaven to Earth. The verb describing what the gods will do is illegible in the etching.

But there are some who believe that the writing on the wall is clear.

As the clock ticks down, scenarios have mounted about how the end will come.

Some believe a rogue planet called Nibiru will emerge from its hiding place behind the sun and smash into the Earth. Others say a super black hole at the center of the universe will suck in our planet and smash it to pieces. At least two men in China are predicting a world-ending flood. They're both building arks.

Hex sign: Local artist Bob Hammer has been helping people to prepare for the apocalypse since March when he began selling Hex-tinction protection.

What it is, is a hex sign that blends Pennsylvania Dutch folk art with the doomed Mesoamerican civilization.

And just in case the world does end sometime Friday, Hammer sold each poster in a protective plastic sleeve.

"It's in a protective sleeve. It's supposed to withstand some stuff," he said.

Hammer advised those who bought the hex sign to put it in a room they intend to be in most of the day on Friday. The sign is guaranteed to keep the room and the person safe or the customer gets his or her money back.

"I don't think (the hex sign) will be will good after Friday," he said.

Art: Hammer said he doubts he'll have to give any money back to customers.

He's so confident that Earth will still be hurling through the universe on Saturday that he planned the Mayan End of the World party at Weavings, Ink art gallery in Wrightsville this evening.

Held at the 208 Hellam St. gallery from 5 to 8 p.m. the event will feature Mexican foods and drinks, said gallery owner Phyllis Koster.

It is part of the Holiday Open House, which features works for sale by 12 local artists and crafts people, she said. Should the world not end today, the open house runs through Jan. 5.

"We might not make it," Koster joked.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.