Megan "Molly" Cutright could not believe her surroundings.

There she was in November, standing on "The Price Is Right" stage, with her mom and sister screaming their heads off in the audience.

Drew Carey, the host of the TV game show, was whispering in her ear to overcome the audience noise as the announcer described a trip to Canada that Cutright had a chance to win.

Cutright, a 23-year-old Newberry Township native, was so overcome with excitement after being told to "Come on down!" and then guessing the closest price to a diamond watch that she practically tackled Carey upon getting on stage.

Now it was time to figure out whether the price for the lavish trip was $6,287 or $7,826 as part of the show's "Coming or Going" game.

Molly Cutright, right, and her mother, Susan Plummer show off the shirts they wore to The Price Is Right.
Molly Cutright, right, and her mother, Susan Plummer show off the shirts they wore to The Price Is Right. (Bil Bowden)

Carey was trying to tell Cutright about the prize in case she missed it.

"And I'm like, Drew Carey, I can't even process what you're saying to me right now!" Cutright said on Thursday.

Aired Thursday: Cutright's episode of "The Price Is Right" aired Thursday morning, and she had family and friends gather at The Fieldhouse in Newberry Township to watch it.

Everyone laughed as they watched Cutright first get up to contestants' row - hugging about 75 people in the process - and then get on stage.

Cutright's mom, Susie Plummer, and sister, Tabitha Bathras, were shouting "Coming!" but Cutright went with the overwhelming opinion of the audience as they shouted "Going!" In "Coming or Going," the numbers slide two different ways to reveal different prices, and the contestant has to guess which way is right.

"Going" and a trip price of $7,826 turned out to be correct.

"I was wrong," Plummer said.

"Yes, you were wrong this time," Cutright said as they laughed at the near-miss.

Soon after, Cutright got to spin the Big Wheel and got 45 cents twice to get 90 cents total, close to the ideal total of $1. She got outdone by a nickel, though, with another contestant's spins totaling 95 cents, and that was the end.

For her brother: Cutright couldn't be happier about her experience. It fulfilled a lifelong dream of her brother, Mason Cutright, who had spina bifida and died in March at age 19.

Mason always wanted to go on the show and watched it every day, Molly and Susie said; they even wore shirts with his photo on them when they went to the taping.

"I think he had something to do with it," Susie said of Molly's getting chosen.

And Molly also had the benefit of being pre-selected to go on. In September, she went to a casting call in Pittsburgh, where she goes to graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh to study applied developmental psychology.

The casting call - the first time the game show has had one - involved Molly's showing off how excited she'd be to go on the show.

"I was absolutely ridiculous," Molly said with a laugh.

It worked, and she got a free trip to Los Angeles for the taping. She still only had a 50/50 shot of having her name called to be in contestants' row, but it happened, and now she has a diamond watch and an all-expenses paid vacation (minus taxes, of course) to show for it.

"I don't think I had ever been that excited," she said.

Cutright, a Red Land High School graduate, was the second York native to go on the show in recent months.

Theresa Dark, a York College senior, dominated when she was on a November episode. She got a perfect bid to get on stage, got two perfect spins to earn cash on the Big Wheel, and won the Showcase Showdown, for a total of $52,000 in cash and prizes.

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