Crispus Attucks recently received a grant to help combat bullying.

.The White Rose Foundation fund, part of the York County Community Foundation, gave $1,700 to Crispus Attucks.

Crispus Attucks Cindy Leiphart, who applied for the grant, said Crispus Attucks is using it to implement a new anti-bullying component in their Rising Stars after-school program.

The program is for all ages but mostly helps children ages 5-12, she said, with tutoring, mentoring and more.

The grant helped purchase an anti-bullying program to give kids safe outlets for communication about bullying, said York County Community Foundation spokeswoman Patricia Azriel.

Students will have weekly anti-bullying activities.

The White Rose Foundation, which distributed the money over the summer, also gave Leadership York $2,500 for its Future Leaders of York program, which takes two students from each high school and offers them leadership training.