Apples, raisins and cinnamon married to make the bottom layer, and the top layer involved a lot of walnuts.

She called it "Apple Pie Fudge," and it was good enough to earn Elizabeth Pokrivka a fifth-place ribbon in the Pennsylvania Farm Show's first-ever fudge competition on Wednesday.

"It's really cool to be one of the first winners," said Pokrivka, a Seven Valleys resident.

Though she's a biologist by trade, baking is something she's always done with her mother, Shelley Pokrivka.

The mother-daughter team aren't strangers to the farm show or county fairs. Their baked goods have frequently been sampled at the York County Fairgrounds, and the younger Pokrivka also entered the Hershey cocoa and ginger snaps competitions at the farm show.

But the fudge competition was the first time Elizabeth Pokrivka won a ribbon at the farm show, and it's a rare occurrence when she bests her mother.

"It doesn't happen often. She always wins," Elizabeth Pokrivka said.

Shelley Pokrivka was one of 22 contestants and was among 10 finalists in the fudge competition.

York County resident Belinda Myers also entered the competition with a fudge recipe she said tasted like Almond Joy candy bars.

"I do it just for the fun of it," she said.

Though Myers wasn't among the fudge winners, she did place fifth in the Farm Show's ginger snap competition.

All the women said if they are in the area and able, they will enter the fudge competition again next year.


Howard Burrell, who helped organize the contest, said he hoped the number of contestants would double for next year's competition.

"Fudge is easy to make, and it's also something young people can do," he said.

For example, one of the contestants was a classroom from a local elementary school.

"Things like this can really encourage children and youth to start cooking," Burrell said.

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