If York County home sales keep moving on the trail they blazed in 2012, then this year will be an even better success.

"From what we see right now, we're going to continue to have an upswing," said Lee Trite, president of the Realtors Association of York & Adams Counties.

Last year, 3,848 homes were sold in York County, logging an 11 percent increase compared to home sales in 2011.

The most homes were sold in the Central York School District, where 427 sales were recorded - a 20 percent increase from the 356 homes sold there in 2011.

"Central has a large concentration of homes, so those numbers weren't surprising at all. It's always been one of the more popular areas," Trite said.

While the number of sales increased in Central, the pricetags decreased by 10 percent. In 2011, the median sale price in the district was $173,900. Last year, it fell to $156,500.

But the overall sale price in the county dropped just 1 percent, ticking down from $142,907 in 2011 to $141,107 last year.

"It's an economic thing, supply and demand. If we come into a shortage of homes, prices will go up. There's no sign of appreciation right now, so we're thankful to be stable in pricing," Trite said.

In addition to lower prices, a lot of first-time buyers have been taking advantage of 3.5 percent interest rates.

"But interest rates can't stay where they are. There will eventually be an upswing, maybe within six or seven months," she said. "People are realizing this is the time to buy, so 2013 looks like it's going to be a good year for the real estate market."

- Candy Woodall can also be reached at cwoodall@yorkdispatch.com.