Shawn Minnich might just have all the stakeholder bases covered when he takes over as Northeastern's new superintendent in July.

The 41-year-old was appointed Monday night to take over once the contract of Superintendent Jody Nace runs out at the end of June.

He's Northeastern's current assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, which he said involves his overseeing federal grant programs, reading specialists, curriculum development, standardized testing and more.

Minnich is also the former principal of Orendorf Elementary.

And he's a former teacher, which included time helping to rewrite Northeastern's math curriculum.

And he's a Manchester Township resident, so he pays Northeastern taxes.

And he's a father of two elementary school-age children.

Minnich said he's looking forward to "continue to lead the district in the direction it's already headed," and it's a district he knows well, having worked there since 1996.

Previous jobs: Minnich, a Lititz native, spent a short time teaching in the Dover Area School District and then went to Lancaster County before taking a job in Northeastern. He got his doctorate from Temple University.

His salary as superintendent has yet to be determined.

Nace's salary this year is $145,000, while Minnich's salary is $116,099. The board decided as part of its superintendent move to eliminate Minnich's assistant superintendent position as a cost-saving measure.


Board president Margie Walker said the school board appointed him in part because of that familiarity and his wide range of experience. Minnich thinks his familiarity will come in handy.

"You have the opportunity to get to really know the district, see how the district works," he said, adding that knowing the community is important for a school official.

Minnich said he's holding off on specific plans for Northeastern, as he won't take over until July. But he said the district will need to continue to find ways to find academic success in the face of budget pressures.

Northeastern has a $2 million deficit at the start of next school year's budget process.

"Our biggest challenge continues to be the budget situation that we face. Solving those problems is never easy," he said.

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