A minivan belonging to Metro Bank was struck by gunfire Monday afternoon during a road rage incident on Route 30 in West Manchester Township.

The driver of the van, a Metro Bank employee, told a township police officer that he was driving westbound in the middle lane of Route 30 and changed lanes to get off at the Carlisle Road exit when he heard a loud noise, police said.

The driver thought he blew a tire but continued driving and got off at the exit, police said.

At the traffic light at the exit and Carlisle Road, a small black car pulled up beside him and the driver pulled out a handgun and told the van driver that "The next one will be closer to you, you son of a (explicative)," police said.

The black car turned left onto Carlisle Road toward York City, and the van driver turned right and called 911, police said.

The van driver and a police officer found a bullet hole in rear passenger side door and a bullet in the cargo area of the van, police said.

The car is described as a small four-door black hatchback, possibly a Dodge Caliber. Its driver is described as a light-skinned black man in his mid-20s with a goatee and hair to his shoulders, who was wearing rimmed glasses and dark clothing, police said.

The passenger in the car, who did not brandish a gun or speak to the van driver, is described as a heavy set Hispanic man, police said.

Anyone with information or who may have witnessed the incident is asked to call police at 792-9514.